Trevi Sues Promoter

Gloria Trevi has filed a lawsuit against a promoter who allegedly said the Mexican singer was an accomplice in killing her own daughter.

Mexican promoter Andres Puentes told a Miami radio station that Trevi and one of her former backup singers acted in complicity in the death of Trevi’s daughter, attorney Richard Diaz told government news agency Notimex.

The lawsuit, filed in Miami, seeks $4 million, Diaz said. Trevi’s publicist in Mexico said the singer would not comment.

Trevi was arguably the most popular female singer in Mexico – and certainly the most controversial because of her outspokenness – before she was charged with sexual abuse in 1999. Her backup singers accused Trevi’s former manager, Sergio Andrade, of rape and Trevi was accused of acting as a recruiter.

Trevi gave birth to a girl in 1999 in Brazil, after she and Andrade fled Mexico. The baby died months later under mysterious circumstances. She later gave birth to a son in a Brazilian prison.

Trevi was charged with rape and kidnapping charges in 2004 after spending almost five years in Mexican and Brazilian prisons.