The tour launches September 13 at McPherson Playhouse in Victoria, B.C. and sticks primarily to the West Coast through the end of the month, before heading to the Midwest and East Coast and finally the South in October.

Scheduled stops include San Francisco’s Warfield Theatre (September 17), the Music Box at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles (September 19-20), The Depot in Salt Lake City (September 25), MacEwan Hall in Calgary, A.B. (October 12-13), Chicago’s Metro/Smart Bar (October 18-19), Webster Hall in New York City (October 24-25), Variety Playhouse in Atlanta (October 30), and the House of Blues in Dallas (November 2).

Presale tickets for most shows are available through Ducat King Ticketing and can be purchased through a link on the band’s web site.

Challengers, the band’s fourth album, isn’t due to hit shelves until August 21. Fans who don’t want to wait to hear the album can pre-order it through the web site Buy Early Get Now and get an instant streaming version of the disc and a choice of extras up to and including a limited-edition 4-CD box set version of the album.

The slightly DIY special package includes the new album plus three specially printed CD-Rs: one for collecting b-sides, demos and alternate mixes associated with the album; one for The New Pornographers: Live From The Future!, which will be a compendium of the best live performances from the band’s upcoming tour, and a third for collecting pictures and videos from the tour.

The content for the three additional CDs will be made available on the BEGN site as soon as it’s created and can then be downloaded and burned to the pre-printed discs.