Paperwork In The Post

Greek singer Giorgos Dalaras’ July 14 show at Istanbul’s Rumeli Hisari castle was canceled because Turkish authorities said they didn’t receive the necessary visa documents in time.

The cancellation has caused some political controversy and stirred the Greek and Turkish media as Dalaras, due to play the show for the World Congress of Orthodox Youth, has been criticized by segments of the Turkish press for being anti-Turkish in his stance over Cyprus and the Kurdish dispute in Turkey.

The Greek papers are saying the visa story is to cover up the concert organisers failing to get permission to stage the show from the archaeological authorities responsible for the fortress site.

Greek foreign ministry spokesman Giorgos Koumountsakos doesn’t subscribe to either of the stories, and hinted that the stopping of the Dalaras show was politically motivated.

"He is an internationally acclaimed artist, especially liked in Turkey, and the decision to cancel his performance raises questions."