Nashville Reality Check

The producers of a country music reality show recently learned what those in the industry already know: Nashville ain’t Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean it’s ignorant about show business.

The reality show had an unexpected plot twist late July when Nashville musicians hired to work on the show refused to be filmed without an agreement.

The Nashville Association of Musicians Local 257 reportedly didn’t have an agreement with Go Go Luckey Productions, creators of the Fox network’s "Nashville," for union members to be videotaped. Talks to resolve the dispute are said to be ongoing, according to the Tennessean.

Nashville union president Harold Bradley told the paper that members can be expelled from the union, fined $50,000, or both if they do any jobs without an agreement. He said the show’s producers hadn’t made those arrangements prior to a taping at Nashville’s 12th & Porter club.

"It’s an act of good faith, we thought they had quite a crowd and maybe they should do the live show," Bradley said. "We told them, ‘You can go ahead and do the live show, but you can’t tape the guys.’"

Bradley also alleges the producers tried to talk the musicians into working without a contract by using the allure of being on television.

"They say, ‘We’re not going to make the music the focus; we’re just going to follow them around.’ I say without music, you wouldn’t be here.’

"We are the last oasis for live music. We still have to protect what we’ve got. If we let them do this, why would anybody else not come in and do the same thing?"

"Nashville," which shadows aspiring country singers such as Chuck Wicks, Mika Combs and Matt Jenkins during their quest for stardom, is scheduled to debut September 14th.