Snow Falling On Shedtops

What are we supposed to do with amphitheatres in the wintertime? The answer is simple down in Florida: fill them with snow.

Officials at the recently renovated St. Augustine Amphitheatre have a few tricks up their sleeves for the shed’s reopening season, and one of them includes bringing snow and ice to the Sunshine State.

This fall’s offerings include a free bimonthly cinema series geared toward families, marketing manager Ryan Dettra told Pollstar. When the mercury drops, the 4,500-capacity amphitheatre will be transformed into a winter wonderland for six weeks.

"We’re bringing in a 50- by 70-foot ice skating rink, and it’s going to extend from the stage over the orchestra pit," he said. "We’re also going to blow snow every night at 9 o’clock."

Other holiday-themed activities such as sleigh rides are being planned, he said, and the lawn will be outfitted with fire pits for cooking S’mores.

The amphitheatre has been completely rebuilt over the past few years, after reportedly receiving nearly $9 million in bond money.

"The old amphitheatre is completely gone," Dettra said, "Everything you see in there is brand new."

The shed has a new canopy that covers nearly two-thirds of the seats and covers the stage for the first time since it was built in 1964.

Renovations also reportedly include three new dressing rooms and plans for a parking lot reconfiguration.

Dettra explained the building’s September opening meant officials had to get creative with the offerings for its first season back.

"Part of the goal is to get people out there and enjoy it," Dettra said. "Wintertime is obviously kind of a dead time for amphitheatres and we’re opening up towards the end of the season, so we’re bringing in some different things."

Following the Blackwater Sol Revue concert September 2nd, featuring artists Grey & Mofro, Los Lobos, Tony Joe White, The Legendary JC’s and The Lee Boys, the shed will switch gears.