Starlight Safes M.I.A.

Police in Kansas City, Mo., are currently investigating exactly how thieves managed to make off with about $20,000 cash – housed in two large safes – during a recent break-in at the Starlight Theatre.

When employees came to work on August 20th, they discovered the safes were missing from the venue’s ticket and accounting offices, marketing manager Barb Anderson told Pollstar.

The break-in happened the night before or early that same morning and police are examining just how the thieves got into the building and carted out the safes.

"It appears that either a gate was left open or someone had a key, but they did enter the building with an access code," she said.

And while the Starlight is insured against break-ins, Anderson said officials are taking the time to examine current operating procedures at the venue, which in turn could help prevent future incidents.

"We are working with the police in the investigation and really upgrading and reviewing our overall procedures," Anderson said.

The theft is apparently the first of its kind during the 28-year tenure of Starlight’s president and executive producer Robert Rohlf.