Kentucky Competition

Evansville officials are considering renovating or replacing the Indiana city’s 50-year-old Roberts Stadium but recently learned a new arena might be built just down over yonder.

A $400 million development is proposed for Owensboro, Ky., which is 40 miles away, and a 6,000-seat arena is part of the plan.

"They could get a part of our market," Evansville City Council President Keith Jarboe said. "Everybody likes to drive a new car."

The city’s Roberts Stadium Advisory Board was expected to meet September 5th to resume its review of options for the city-owned arena, which seats about 10,500 for concerts.

Meanwhile, Owensboro wants to replace the Owensboro Sportscenter, itself a nearly 60-year-old building. Owensboro City Manager Bob Whitmer said state approval was still needed for the new project.

"My guess is, our feasibility study will raise at length the same concerns about Evansville and how a large facility there might reduce attendance numbers in our facility," Whitmer said.