What’s TM Got To Do With It?

As Pollstar went to press with its 3Q charts, Ticketmaster simultaneously announced its "most requested events" of the third quarter, which got us to thinking: How do our charts match up? Would the "most requested" concerts of mid-year be the top ticket sellers of the third quarter?

Obviously, there are far too many variables – including unreported ticket sales, desire-versus-purchase, differing tour launch dates and all-around strange mojo – to do a scientific analysis.

Yet, for grins and giggles, here goes. TM’s most requested concert in July was The Police, which ranks second in our charts with 1,519,286 tickets sold. However, the ninth most-requested concert, Justin Timberlake, is our No. 1. Rush and Tool were in the Top 10 but rank 19th and 24th on our ticket sales chart.

For those who want to do a quick side-by-side comparison, TM’s Top 10 most requested concerts of mid-year, in order, were The Police, Kenny Chesney, Dave Matthews Band, Jimmy Buffett, Tool, Tim McGraw/Faith Hill, Gwen Stefani, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake and Rush.

There’s no suspense when it comes to TM’s most requested concert of the third quarter: Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus. Bruce Springsteen, Rascal Flatts and Van Halen are top newcomers. And, once again, Rush makes an appearance.