Britney loses custody of her kids forever! Or at least until she complies with a court order – Associated Press

Can it be? New material from Led Zeppelin? It’s a great day to be alive! BBC News

Son of a gun! The last of the Rat Packers has died. Joey Bishop was 89 – OC Register

Some parents will do anything to buy tickets so their kids can see Hannah Montana – Reuters

Bob Mersereau’s The Top 100 Canadian Albums book continues to cause controversy, inciting Canadians to put down their Molsons and donuts, grab their hockey sticks and take to the streets. Mounties stand by for possible crowd control duties – CBC

Our impeccably dressed tour data department would like to dedicate the following additions to the memory of the late, great Joey Bishop.

Gipsy Kings fans! Four new dates for 2008 … Blue Oyster Cult in Vegas in 2008 … Korn’s Jonathan Davis at Hartford … Conn., in November … B.B. King adds more 2008 dates . . . Travis Tritt starts making plans for next year.

And finally, one last look at Joey Bishop as he hams it up with some people you might remember.