Mold Dampens ADE Success

Amsterdam Dance Event would have beaten its attendance record by even more if two of the rooms in the Felix Meritis Centre hadn’t been put out of commission because of a severe attack of mildew.

By the time organisers were told they didn’t have as much space as expected, 1,900 business delegates had already signed up. Last year’s bash attracted 1,800.

"The ADE team has improvised some measures so we can facilitate everyone who has registered with us so far, but it does mean there’s no room for anymore," said event press officer Pieter van Adrichem, explaining why the "Sold Out" signs went up so suddenly.

The organisers also expected 65,000 visitors to the evening programme, which would be another record, with more than 600 acts set to play across 40 of the city’s most central venues.

The daytime programme for the October 18-20 gathering was scheduled to include discussions on the importance of management keeping an act’s career on track, who’s responsible when fans’ hearing gets damaged, and the development of the Eastern European market.