Greetings From Bucharest-On-Sea

B’Estival promoter Guido Janssens is looking at starting a second Romanian outdoor on the Black Sea coast or at least having a beach at the Bucharest event.

"We’re looking at having a second festival either on the coast or at a Greenfield site outside Bucharest, but we’re also looking at ways to improve B’Estival," the Emag!c chief explained.

"Because it’s in the city centre on a number of parking lots, one of the ideas has been to truck in loads of beach sand and have umbrellas and some sort of pool, even a couple of camels if we can get them."

This year, the first B’Estival attracted 50,000 people across the three days for a bill that included Faithless, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Morcheeba, Hooverphonic, Pink, Kasabian and Reamonn.

It made front-page news and earned rave reviews in important national papers. Next year’s B’Estival is July 4-6.