All 2,000 seats for the California band’s October 31 show at IndigO2, the old Dome’s smaller venue, have already gone to an invited audience of corporate clients, record company execs, competition winners and journalists with enviable expense accounts.

A front-row seat, which includes a meal, drinks and a merchandise package, is £950 plus VAT – which comes out to a little more than £1,150.Those who’d rather skip the food, the booze and the freebies can save money by slumming it in the cheap seats for £475 plus VAT (about £575).

The Eagles will play material from Long Road Out Of Eden, an album of new songs that will be released October 29.

A new book by Don Felder is due to be released a couple of days later. “Heaven And Hell” is the guitarist and songwriter’s account of how a band drawn together by a love for country rock and sweet harmonies fell apart under a welter of sex, drugs and the proverbial bad vibes.