Raven (known also for his work with Killing Joke, Prong) was in Genevaworking with French recording artists Treponem Pal on their new release,with Marco Neves, Ted Parsons (Prong) and members of The Young Gods.

Born in Wolverhampton, U.K., on January 16, 1961, Paul Ravenestablished himself with his work in the seminal post-punk/industrialgroup Killing Joke when, in 1982 he replaced the original bassist forthe band, recording and touring with the group throughout its mostcommercially successful period.

Throughout his career, Raven participated in other collaborations including Prong, Murder, Inc., Pigface, Godflesh.

Raven was nominated for a 2006 Grammy for Best MetalPerformance for his work with Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, with whom he hadbegun working with in late 2005 on the 13th Planet release Rio GrandeBlood.

“I am in total shock,” Jourgensen said. “The world of music is asadder, emptier place. Not only was Raven an extraordinary talent, butone of my closest dearest friends. Our condolences and prayers go tohis immediate family. He will be truly missed by artists, musicians andhis fans the world over.

The one consolation is knowing Raven’s already hooked up with the rightpeople and started a new project in the After Life. God’s speed, Raven.Rest In Peace, you f***ing pirate.”

Raven’s newest project, Mob Research, featuring members of Warrior Souland The Mission UK, and schedule for release on 13th Planet Records in2008, was in the final mixing and mastering phases at the time ofRaven’s sudden and unexpected passing.

A memorial dedicated to his life and art can be found atwww.thirteenthplanet.com.