No Troubles At Sound Advice

In response to recent violence at the Sound Advice Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Fla., security was beefed up for the Brooks & Dunn / Alan Jackson show October 19th, but a little help from Mother Nature kept everyone in line.

An estimated 17,000 attended the show, with sheriff’s deputies reportedly in full force arresting drug and under-age drinking offenders in the parking lot and inside the venue, according to the local WPTV station. The sheriff told WPTV that such police presence will remain for all big concerts there.

But the nearly sold-out crowd didn’t seem to have much trouble with the torrential rain and lightning storm that night, according to a Palm Beach Post columnist. After an hour delay between sets, Jackson hit the stage telling fans, "I sure am sorry about that rain. I hope you drank enough so it doesn’t bother you too much."

One person was stabbed at Ozzfest when it visited the shed August 30th and two were stabbed at Brad Paisley’s September 22nd show.