A Granny For A Zep Ticket

People would sell their own grannies to get their hands on Led Zeppelin tickets, according to Virgin Radio presenter Christian O’Connell.

"It was unbelievable," he told the station’s listeners after fans resorted to desperate measures to win a pair of tickets to see the legendary band’s one-off November 26 reunion concert at London’s O2.

More than a million people applied for the 20,000 tickets, which were allocated by ballot, although the rules governing the prize draw are currently the subject of dispute on promoter Harvey Goldsmith’s Web site.

Virgin ran a competition in which fans went to bizarre lengths to prove just how much they wanted the tickets.

London fireman Ray Daniel turned up at the Virgin studios before stripping naked and streaking around the city centre, one listener offered an England football shirt signed by David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, while another volunteered to drive his car off the landmark white cliffs of Dover.

The winner was 37-year-old Grant Marzell from Hainault, east London, who went through the painful experience of waxing his chest live on air in the studio while having the radio station’s logo tattooed on his arm.