Watson Stable After Tumor Op

Opera singer Russell Watson has reportedly improved since undergoing emergency surgery to treat a brain tumor and is no longer in critical condition.

The English tenor, who had an operation on a benign brain tumor last year, underwent three hours of surgery at Alexandra Hospital, Cheshire, and is recovering in the intensive therapy unit.

An MRI scan reportedly showed that the tumor that was treated last year had re-grown and surgery was needed immediately.

The 40-year-old father of two was taken to the hospital after complaining of feeling ill during the afternoon of the previous day.

Richard Thompson, Watson’s manager, told the Independent that the singer often referred to as "the people’s tenor" was taken to hospital after the tumor hemorrhaged, causing internal bleeding.

He said the current recording of his album, which sees the versatile singer returning to classical music, could have exacerbated his condition.

Watson was due to fly to Los Angeles next week to perform at a star-studded Bafta awards ceremony for British artists in America.

His career has seen him rise from his early days of performing in pubs and clubs to singing for presidents, prime ministers and royalty across the world. He’s also known as "The Voice" and is regarded as one of opera’s first pop stars.