Jam Master Jay’s Tattoo Clue

Five years after a still-unidentified gunman killed Jam Master Jay, the hip-hop icon’s business partner, Randy Allen, says the killer has a telltale characteristic – a tattooed neck.

Jay, a founder of Run DMC, (real name: Jason Mizell) was shot in his Queen’s studio in October 2002. Allen recently told the New York Daily News that he was in the studio’s control room at the time and his sister, Lydia High, was near the studio entrance.

Allen said his sister told him that after two gunmen ordered her to get on the floor, she saw a man with a tattoo on his neck approach Mizell. The gunman’s first round of shots injured another person and a second round was fired into Mizell’s head from point-blank range, he said.

Investigators say that despite a lengthy investigation and substantial reward, uncooperative witnesses have bogged down the case.

Allen told the Daily News he has worked together with investigators and is angry others have not.

"This is a case that can be solved," Allen said.