What a way to start the week! When we arrived at Concert Research HQ this morning, we found our internal servers weren’t serving, our fax machines weren’t faxing and our lavatories weren’t lavoratoring. Yes, something was definitely out of whack here at the Pollstar.com compound.

So, we’re off to a late start. But never fear, our IT department solved the problem and placed a brand new mouse on the server treadmill and we are now back up to speed.

First thing we want to tell you is Queensryche has dropped off the Queensryche / Thin Lizzy European tour, leaving only the Liz to carry on.

We also added new dates for Tracy Grammer, Red Molly, Porterdavis, Blind Melon, Bruce Robison, Alix Olson, Dr. John, Guy Forsyth, Hot Rod Circuit and Husky.

But we’re just getting started. Heck, with all the tour dates we still have to post, we may have to toss another rodent on the treadmill to handle all the data. Be sure to check out your Midday Update, scheduled for sometime around 12 noon (PST) from Pollstar.com!