The trek kicked off October 4 at The Showplace in Peterborough, Ontario, and runs through the latter part of December.

Upcoming stops on Issa’s Snarling Dog Tour include the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco (November 30), Knitting Factory Hollywood in Los Angeles (December 8-9), Hugh’s Room in Toronto (December 12-14) and Joe’s Pub in New York City (December 21-22).

Accompanying the singer at various dates on the tour are pianist Tim Ray and bassist Rich Brown. Opening duties for the journey will be handled by singer/songwriter Adrienne Pierce.

Tickets for some shows are available through links at

According to her web site, Issa has been working on an impressive collection of songs the past few months with the help of what she calls “studio patrons,” and the tour will help her complete them.

“Issa continues to work on the 33 new songs and may take a CD single on the road with her to fund the recording completion.

“If you are interested in being part of the studio patron programme, you can do so [at] or feel free to inquire at [email protected]. A continuing big thanks to all who have joined in helping her to get to the point she is at now (almost all is done except for the singing.)”

And with all the attendant hoopla surrounding Radiohead’s decision to let fans decide what they should pay for the band’s new album, it’s worth noting that Issa pioneered the concept of “self-determined transactions” more than two years ago through her Sheeba Log Cabin web store.

The site offers four choices for payment: free, pay now, pay later and standard, which is determined by the current price fans are paying for tracks.

The singer explained the motivation behind the idea this way.

“Like many people, I feel restless and impatient with living in a world where people are made to feel like shoplifters rather than intelligent people with a good sense of balance. I want to treat people the way I’d like to be treated. Dumbing up (as opposed to dumbing down.)

“You decide what feels right to your gut. If you download for free, perhaps you’ll buy an extra CD at an indie band’s concert. Of if you don’t go with your gut feeling, you might sleep poorly, wake up grumpy, put your shoes on backwards and fall over. Whatever. You’ll know what to do.

“I am making a choice to work this way and take full responsibility for whatever it may bring to me. You make your own decision and stand by it, too. This is not a guilt trip. Feel no pressure. The most important thing is that the music flow out to where it could bring enjoyment. And that is the best thing you could give me.”