Danny Betesh of Manchester-based Kennedy Street Enterprises, which co-promoted the rock act’s U.K. tour with Andrew Miller, said his office was responding to the very few letters of complaint it received but he wasn’t aware of any collective action.

Reports in the Northern Echo, the region’s leading daily, quoted 53-year-old Mike Fisher from Hartlepool urging fans to join him and pursue one collective civil claim.

The paper says that “about 100 people” had contacted its offices since it ran its first story about Meat Loaf quitting the Metro Radio Arena stage mid-set, which hardly supports the idea of a mass protest as it would equate to about 1 percent of the 10,000 crowd.

“He was clearly ill that night and I don’t think anyone can be upset that he left the stage,” Betesh told Pollstar. “He’d already done more than an hour and I think part of the disappointment is because his fans come expecting him to do two-and-a-half hours.”

What was first diagnosed as “just exhaustion and stress” turned out to be a cyst on a vocal cord, a problem that can take at least a year to cure. Betesh and Miller canceled the remaining British shows and immediately started refunds at the point of purchase.

The promoters of shows in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, and Ireland (November 13-24) soon followed suit. Meat Loaf vowed to return next year.