“Maybe,” says John Paul Jones. Robert Plant isn’t talking.

Looking ahead to their London concert on Dec. 10, two members of the group spoke cautiously about further ventures in interviews with Q magazine.

“I must say that after our initial get-together it was so exhilarating and fun that I did feel I would like to do more,” the magazine quoted Page as saying.

Jones said he had no idea whether more concerts would follow. “I guess the door has been left slightly ajar. We’ll have to see how we feel about it afterwards,” Jones said.

Plant has declined to do any publicity for the Led Zeppelin reunion, and is concentrating on other projects.

“I would like to keep this moving,” Page said. “I’ve got things I’ve been working on for the past four years that I’m proud of. Some of the songs I’ve got ready are as good as anything I’ve done in the past. I wouldn’t necessarily save them for my solo career.”

Hedging a bit, Page added: “I don’t wanna play shows that aren’t fun any more. I’ve gone back to my philosophy of the ’70s, which was to enjoy myself.”

Jones said the group had been offered “hundreds of millions of dollars” to tour North America, “but we’ve never got anywhere near accepting.”

“Look, I don’t turn money down, but I’ve never been tempted,” Jones was quoted as saying. “I’m notoriously fickle like that. If I don’t want to do something because I won’t enjoy it, then I won’t do it.” –