The pair will hit the road under the alias Diamond Hoo Ha Men for a week’s worth of U.K. dates this month. Venues for each of the duo’s seven shows will be announced December 10, the same day the trek is scheduled to begin.

Cities on the schedule include Brighton, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester and London.

Complete details, including info on tickets, are available on Diamond Hoo Ha Men’s MySpace page.

Coombes and Goffey have assumed the identities of Duke Diamond and Randy Hoo Ha, who “started out playing Rammstein covers as part of a local residency,” according to a statement, which goes on to divulge a wealth of information about the pair.

“During this time, they discovered they had an almost Jagger/Richards-esque knack for song writing. They soon left Berlin for the bright lights of London where they now live‚Ķtogether. “Duke and Randy are infamously inseparable and although not officially partners, they share the same bed (Duke always on the right, Randy on the left), eat, drink and bathe, together. It’s true they have a volatile relationship, but there’s no doubting this ‘Odd Couple’ make very special music.”

In the real world, Quinn broke his back while on holiday with his family when he fell out of a first floor window. He’s since had surgery to repair two broken vertebrae and rebuild a smashed heel, along with skin grafts that were necessary as a result of complications from the foot surgery.

In a message on the Supergrass web site, the musician assured fans his injury would not mess up the release of the new record they’ve been waiting on.

“Incidentally, my accident has not delayed the release of the album, as reported by the NME,” Quinn wrote. “It’s in the final stages of mastering by Steven Marcussen in Los Angeles and sounding very good, should be out as planned in Jan/Feb 2008. Only thing holding it up is finishing the artwork and the huge marketing rush of the festive season.”