Texas-Sized Containers

The city council of College Station, Texas, recently drew the line at how much alcohol each person can bring into the Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheatre – a "personal-sized container" containing a wimpy "48 quarts" of booze or less.

The council voted 5-1 in early December to new rules at the 7,000-capacity shed and, along with the Draconian police state restriction of 48 quarts (1,536 ounces) of alcohol per person, no kegs will be allowed to be brought into the venue, according to the Web site of KBTX-TV.

Maybe it was a misprint and they meant 48 ounces, but it was hard for Pollstar to confirm considering Wolf Pen Creek isn’t too active in the winter. Maybe it would be if they’d lift the 48-quart rule.