The singer/songwriter will kick off the run January 28 at Bell Centre in Montreal and hit theatres and clubs across the U.S. and Canada through mid-February.

Highlights include stops at Kool Haus in Toronto (January 29), Terminal 5 in New York City (February 2), House of Blues in Chicago (February 5), The Wiltern in Los Angeles (February 11) and Showbox SoDo in Seattle (February 14).

Tickets are available at

Mika has kept extremely busy since the February release of his debut, Life in Cartoon Motion, touring extensively in the U.K., Europe and Japan, while squeezing in a couple of North American runs.

The album scored the 24-year-old singer a number of hits in the U.K., including “Relax, Take It Easy,” “Grace Kelly,” “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful),” “Happy Ending,” and “Lollipop” and earned him a Grammy nomination for “Love Today” in the Best Dance Recording category.

Mika said he achieved the unique sound of his genre-bending disc “by being as honest as I possibly could be at every stage of the record making process.

“As far as I’m concerned, production is a tool that you use to assist the storytelling in your songwriting,” he told Pollstar. “And that enables me to work with musicians from classical orchestrators to electronica programmers simply because I haven’t been born out of a particular scene or sound.”

He was aided in his task by studying some of the biggest names in pop.

“I kind of looked to artists from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s – people like Prince or Bowie or early Elton John stuff – even Michael Jackson‘s Quincy Jones records,” he said.

“Records that were made to a unique vision – that were made by solo artists, yet were not limited by how big they could possibly sound.

“If you do that, inevitably, you’re able to transcend genres within one record, and also within your career. That’s the freedom and the honesty that I wanted to kind of preserve as much as I possibly could.”

The singer’s quest for creative freedom and honesty doesn’t end at the studio door. He says “playing live is where it all comes together” and views touring as the cornerstone of a long-term career. To that end, he tried to make music that would translate live.

“I was obsessed when I was making the record to build the production with as many organic parts as possible, so we’re able to replicate the sound live. I haven’t manipulated my voice, so I can deliver exactly what I do on the record.”

Fans who haven’t been fortunate enough to catch Mika’s live show can experience it in the comfort of their own homes courtesy of the just released live DVD, “Live In Cartoon Motion,” which captures his show at the L’Olympia venue in Paris.

The video was shot by Matt Askem, who has previously worked with Muse, Paul Weller, Lenny Kravitz and David Bowie.

The disc features 13 tracks, including a cover of Eurythmics‘ seminal hit, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This),” and 52 minutes of a previously unseen documentary footage that captures Mika’s antics around the world over the last year.