The new run kicks off January 11 at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit and is scheduled to wrap January 31 at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami.

Other stops include United Center in Chicago (January 14), MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas (January 18-19), Frank Erwin Center in Austin (January 24) and Amway Arena in Orlando (January 28-29).

Openers the Jonas Brothers will leave the tour January 9, to be replaced by Cyrus’ labelmates Aly & AJ until January 24, when a yet-to-be-named act will step in.

Tickets for the additional dates are available through Ticketmaster outlets and online at

Cyrus, who kicked off her original 55-date tour in October, told Pollstar getting out in front of her fans has given her a break from the rigors of shooting a television show, as well as the chance to step out from behind Hannah Montana a little.

“It’s a lot easier than being on the show even though we do have live audiences. When you’re on stage and you look out and you see 60,000 people, or however many people there are out there, and they’re all singing the words to your songs, it’s really inspiring – not only to perform a great show, but also to keep working really hard.

“It’s been kind of hard for me sometimes because [Miley] kind of gets forgotten. Hannah Montana is definitely a little more pop, but also very fun. But the person underneath the wig is me, and I’m kind of a just go with the flow, free spirit type, so that’s kind of how I want my music to be too.

“I’m really excited, the kids have been really open and also just kinda taken me in and really given me a chance as not just Hannah, but as myself. So I really appreciate that. They’ve gotten the chance to see Hannah on stage and now that they know who I really am, they get to see me too. I think that’s exciting for both me and the fans.”

The singer also shared a couple of her secrets for dealing with the stress of touring.

“When we get some spare time, we’re trying to make time to see the beach. Just listen to the waves. I love the beach. It’s amazing.

“This job doesn’t feel like work all the time. To keep it that way, I like bringing my friends around so they can see what I’ve been doing. I try to make as much time with them as I can.”

Cyrus even hinted that she wouldn’t mind staying out a little longer.

“What’s really cool and what keeps me and my fans close is that we’re growing up together. So anything that can keep me around them I’d love to keep doing.”