News …

Crowds force Radiohead to move secret gig to nearby club – BBC News

The Rolling Stones sign one album deal with Universal – Associated Press

George Michael to get big bucks for memoir – Associated Press

Grammys face writers strike reality – The New York Times (registration may be required)

Court orders DMX to pay $1.5 million to mother of his child – Chicago Sun-Times / Associated Press (registration may be required)

Don’t call The Mars Volta “run-of-the-mill” – Baltimore Sun

Views …

Radiohead’s not so secret gig – The Times Online

Foo Fighters “combine poignant melody and passionate screams” – Palm Beach Post / Leslie Gray Streeter

Ozzy, Rob Zombie give fans what they paid for. And more – Montreal Gazette

Reinventing the concert experience with Dan DeaconLos Angeles Times (registration may be required)

They Say It’s Their Birthday … (Or so says Associated Press)

Eartha Kitt is 81

William Hart (The Delfonics) is 63

Sheila Hutchinson (The Emotions) is 55

Steve Earle is 53

Paul Young is 52

Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles) is 49

Shabba Ranks is 42

Kid Rock is 37

Ray J is 27