The gear, worth more than $25,000 and including five guitars, was taken from a locked storage room at the city’s Garrick Centre, according to the Winnipeg Sun.

Costa’s manager Chris Fenn told the Sun the band opted to leave its equipment in the room overnight after being told by staff at the adjoining Marlborough Hotel that it was safer than leaving it on their bus.

“Whomever did it clearly knew a bit about our gear and seemingly knew a bit about our set-up and what we roll with, instrument-wise,” Fenn said. “They cherry picked it.”

Management of the venue declined to comment on its security practices citing the ongoing police investigation.

The stolen equipment includes:

Gibson J-45 (natural color)

Gibson ES335 (seafoam blue)

Epiphone EL-OO (sunburst)

Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Relic (blond)

Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster Relic (Lake Placid blue)

1953 Supro lap steel guitar (salmon mother-of-pearl)

Kentucky mandolin (sunburst)

Fender Custom Shop ’59 Relic precision bass (blond)

Anyone who may have seen the missing gear is urged to contact Fenn at [email protected].