Because there already was a band in the U.S. called Charlatans, the Brit Charlatans had to add the U.K. designation to their moniker for all their stateside business. And since we’re an American company, we tend to list them as Charlatans UK, if only because the prospect of trying to list non-U.S. dates as Charlatans, while at the same time list U.S. shows as Charlatans UK is a little too much for our thimble-size minds to contemplate. But no matter how you like to refer to the band, Charlatans UK have some new U.K. May dates. Cities include Leicester, London, Southampton, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle.

DJs Sasha & John Digweed update this afternoon with one new March date and several new April dates mostly for the east coast, but there are a few new shows for the heartland as well. Cities include Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Washington, Nashville, Columbus, OH, Pontiac, MI, Toronto, Chicago and St. Louis.

Country artist Blake Shelton is always busy, as his new dates indicate tour plans for several months this year. Spanning March, April, May, June, July, August and September, the new stops include shows in Biloxi, Fort Worth, Birmingham, Interlochen, MI, Little Valley, New York, and New Berlin, Illinois.

Jethro Tull fattens up its 2008 tour plans with several new Euro dates for May through July. Look for Ian Anderson and company playing places like Berlin, Rome, Milano, Munich, Lucerne and Bonn. Tull also has some new U.S. dates scheduled for September. That part of the itinerary includes stops in Los Angeles, Boston, Portland and San Francisco.

During the past couple of hours we also updated the schedules for Kenny G, Lizz Wright, Man Man, Mike Seeger, One Fine Day, Mavis Staples, Reba McEntire, Sara Hickman, Sheryl Crow, Todd Snider, ZZ Top and They Might Be Giants.

Of course, it’s not over ’til it’s over, and we have plenty of dates yet to post before our corporate overlords unhook the Benzedrine i.v.s and send us on our merry way home. Don’t miss your last update of the day – The Closing Bell – coming up around 5 pm (PST), from!