Matt Costa Investigation Update

Although Matt Costa doesn’t have his $25,000 in stolen equipment back just yet, there may be a lead in the investigation.

After playing a nearly sold-out show in Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 16th at the Garrick Centre, thieves stole more than half of the singer/songwriter’s gear and instruments from a locked storage room at the venue, according to the Winnipeg Sun.

Costa’s manager, Chris Fenn, told Pollstar that although Winnipeg police are unable to comment on the investigation, the latest word is that "they raided a home in Winnipeg – but they have no idea if it’s our gear. … They’re still pursuing possible suspects."

The Winnipeg Sun recently reported city police raided a home connected to a music production group after seeing a rap group’s music video that included footage of an illegal firearm and suspected stolen equipment – possibly some of Costa’s.

Detective Duncan Paterson with the Winnipeg Police Department was unavailable for comment at press time.

Anyone with information related to the stolen gear is urged to contact Fenn at [email protected] or Paterson at (204) 986-7890.