Hoermann Files For Bankruptcy

Austrian promoter Richard Hoermann says the March 7 bankruptcy of his Richard Hörmann Künstleragentur is related to taxes dating back to 2002.

"It’s for euro 400,000 in taxes dating back to the fall of Austrian Promoters’ Group (APG) and I’ve being trying to reach a settlement with the authorities ever since then," he explained.

Apart from APG, which originally took down his Concert Services and has now claimed Richard Hörmann Künstleragentur, Hoermann also lost his Event Service – formerly Concerts.at – just before Christmas.

He’s now doing all his concert business through Austrian Entertainment, a company he originally set up to deal with national acts. He also has a joint-venture with Serge Grimaux from the Czech-based Ticketpro to build a Ticketpro Austria GmbH.

"I hope last week’s hearing really is the end of things coming from the past," he told Pollstar as he prepared to launch a six-week run for "Bodies…The Exhibition" at the Vienna Gasometer.

The controversial exhibition showcasing preserved human bodies dissected to display bodily systems opened in Tampa, Fla., in August 2005, and has shown in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Prague, Lisbon, and throughout the U.S.