Divorce Costs Paul £24.3 Million

Although his now ex-wife Heather Mills told journalists waiting outside of the High Court that she’s "very, very pleased" with her divorce settlement, Paul McCartney may also think he’s done well to get away with paying as little as £24.3 million (US$48.6 million).

Mills says she’s not appealing the ruling, although some papers have reported she wanted more than £100 million and McCartney was offering £15.8 million, but she does intend to complain about Justice Bennett’s decision to go public with the details.

The details in question include that she originally asked for £125 million, that the £24.3 million includes about £8 million worth of property that was bought for her during the course of the four-year marriage, and that Macca will also have to pay £35,000 per year in school fees for daughter Beatrice and the costs of hiring her nanny.

The judge set McCartney’s wealth at £400 million, but Mills told the London media gathering that "everyone’s known that he’s been worth £825 million for the last 15 years."

Mills delivered a somewhat lengthy speech from the High Court steps, advising women how to approach a divorce. A spokesman for McCartney said he wouldn’t be making any comment.

The pair, which split in May 2006 after four years together, failed to come to an agreement during a six-day hearing at the High Court in February.