One Offs

Saying goodbye to "destiny" and "hope," Miley Cyrus filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court to trade in her given first and middle names to legally be Miley Ray Cyrus …

More than 13 employees at UCLA Medical Center will be fired and 12 others disciplined for snooping in Britney Spears’ confidential medical records during her recent hospitalization in the psych ward, according to the Los Angeles Times

Sheryl Crow says she’ll be singing with Fleetwood Mac, who last toured in 2004, and the collaboration could happen next year.

Fat Tracks in Oildale, Calif., Buck Owen’s former recording studio that the father of Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis took over, will shut down after 20 years as of April 1st, according to the Bakersfield Californian

A man has filed a civil lawsuit against The Game, claiming that during a pickup basketball game the rapper told him his "team is garbage," sucker-punched him and got a gun out of his car, saying "I’m going to blast this fool" …

The most recent issue of Harp, March/April featuring a mock presidential run by Dave Grohl, will be its last as the magazine announced March 17th it had discontinued publishing after seven years.