Comstock Series Revamp

A Missouri man is on a mission to resurrect an annual concert series in Comstock, Neb., that was put on hold after lawsuits and unpaid bills landed the previous organizers in court.

Jim Proskocil has reportedly purchased the 2nd Wind Ranch that was home to the Godstock, Comstock Rock and Comstock Windmill festivals, and plans to host rock and country events in June and July, according to the Grand Island Independent.

Proskocil, who grew up near the concert site, told the paper he bought the property in hopes of filling the void of the discontinued concert series and maintain the economic benefits.

"I never wanted to take over the business. But I can’t think of any other way to keep it going," he said. "For [the Comstock series] to disappear and evaporate, that’s probably a colossal problem for that area."

Henry Nuxoll founded what became an annual series with the country-oriented Comstock Windmill Festival in 2000. Comstock Rock was added in 2002 and the Christian-oriented Godstock in 2003.

However, Nuxoll and the festivals have run into problems in recent years.

Nebraska Liquor Control Commission officials were reportedly hesitant to issue a liquor license for the 2006 series because of reports of underage drinking.

Nuxoll was also charged with writing approximately $100,000 worth of bad checks last June and July and is scheduled to stand trial June 17th in Custer County District Court, according to the Independent.

Joplin, Mo., promoter Derrick Gates and associates Josh Allen and Zachary Grimm are accused of stealing funds from merchandise and food vendors after promoting and then canceling Godstock, which was scheduled for September 14-16, and two other events in Kansas City, Mo.

Court records show Gates received more than $29,500 from at least 70 vendors throughout North America.

Proskocil told the paper that the events’ licensing could be approved by the end of March.