New Scene For San Diego

After three years off the streets, a San Diego festival with downtown roots may be going back where it all began.

Street Scene, which spent last year at Coors Amphitheatre in Chula Vista and the two years previous at Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley, is headed downtown for its 24th installement if festival founder Rob Hagey has his way.

"That’s the idea, and we do have tentative dates in September," he told the San Diego Union-Tribune. "We’ll be looking to make an announcement soon."

Hagey, who partnered with Live Nation for last year’s installment, is flying solo once again after the promoter withdrew its rights to the festival.

Live Nation regional president Nick Masters told the paper the show just wasn’t the same without its downtown vibe.

"It certainly wasn’t Street Scene in Chula Vista, although I liked the show," Masters said. "We had reasonably good attendance, but it just wasn’t Street Scene and we’re not looking to brand something inappropriately. … We tried. But the minute it left downtown, well, I don’t think it would have stayed Street Scene if it stayed at Qualcomm [either]."

Hagey told the Union-Tribune he may partner with another promoter for the multi-day festival. While no locations have been disclosed at this point, some have speculated whether the Padres’ baseball stadium, which served as the site in 2004, would again host the fest.

"We’re going back to our roots, and to what made Street Scene successful," Hagey said.