Parsons Cut From Gorge

Bill Parsons, who has served in one capacity or another at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Wash., since it opened 14 years ago, is the latest to be hit by cutbacks at Live Nation.

He started at the Gorge while working on a series of Canadian festivals as a consultant for MCA Concerts and ended as the venue’s GM on March 14th, according to the Columbia Basin Herald.

"Obviously, I put in a lot of time there, and built great relations, and I hope to maintain that," Parsons told the paper. "I’m not leaving the area right now. I’m in the Rotary Club and supported a lot of school activities. That was very gratifying to me, as well as seeing so many kids develop, that just got their first-time employment at the Gorge."

Parsons told the paper he would take a week off to "relax" in Arizona before following up on new opportunities he’s already being contacted about.