Brit Back With Larry?

Britney Spears has reportedly returned to her roots – and an immediate spark of small success – with the return of her former Svengali.

Larry Rudolph, the man who discovered Spears and took her from Mouseketeer to international superstar, is back in Spears’ good graces, according to at least one source, E! Online.

"It’s true," a source told the entertainment news site. "They are working together."

Spears and Rudolph parted ways shortly after the K-Fed marriage. They worked together briefly in 2007 but Spears, on camera, blamed Rudolph for tricking her into entering rehab and turning her family against her.

There’s one clue that Rudolph may be back at the helm: Spears recently had a positively received appearance on the TV show "How I Met Your Mother." One source told Pollstar that any shift in management was "in flux."

Also, there is talk of her getting her own TV show, according to E! Online.