Smashing Pumpkins Sue Virgin Records

The Smashing Pumpkins is at war with its former label, Virgin Records, and parent company EMI for allegedly using the band to promote products without its consent and damaging the band’s credibility with fans.

A breach-of-contract lawsuit filed March 24th in Los Angeles Superior Court claims the Smashing Pumpkins have "worked hard for over two decades to accumulate a considerable amount of goodwill in the eyes of the public," and contends Virgin’s inclusion of the band in its "Pepsi Stuff" promotion with Pepsi and could damage the Pumpkins’ reputation for artisitic integrity.

"We fought hard for the right to be in control of how our music is used to avoid situations like this kind of crass commercialism and exploitation," frontman Billy Corgan wrote on the band’s Web site. "Labels like EMI are no longer running the show, and we won’t be bullied by those in the ‘old’ music business who consider every artist to be easily expendable. Those days are over."

The lawsuit claims that although Virgin handled the band’s music for more than 17 years, the only remaining agreement between the parties is a deal that allows Virgin to sell downloads of the Pumpkins’ songs.

The lawsuit seeks profits earned in the promotion and asks for an injunction against Virgin so the company will cease using the band’s name and music.