BPI Denies Deal With Virgin

The BPI has been quick to deny that it’s made a deal with Virgin Media to crack down on customers who download music illegally.

The British recorded music business organisation says it’s been in discussions with major ISPs including Virgin, but so far the talks haven’t led to action.

"Unfortunately it simply isn’t true that we have agreed a pilot – or

any sort of deal – with Virgin Media, though we continue to work towards that," said BPI chief exec Geoff Taylor, reacting to reports in British press.

A report in The Telegraph says a pilot scheme between Virgin and BPI would be the first time a British Internet company has publicly moved to share responsibility for curbing piracy.

The story says the BPI is working with Virgin on a pilot that could be "live within months," although the trade organisation’s response suggests the two are still months away.

The BPI says it doesn’t know where the story came from but it has used it as a platform to remind all ISPs that it’s time for action.

The U.K. government is already looking toward a "three strikes" policy that would cut persistent offenders’ Internet connections, although it’s looking further into how such measures could be legally enforced.