Georgia Shed No Peach

Commissioners of Fulton County in Georgia have decided to build a 5,000-seat amphitheatre in the city of College Park – and now the fur is flying.

The board voted to build the shed, which would be located in Wolf Park, in a 4-2 vote, using $6 million in taxpayer money. One problem: the construction and operation estimate comes from figures that are three years old. Also, Fulton County is expecting to have a $70 million shortfall next year.

"This is a major expenditure of public funds," Commissioner Lynne Riley told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "We need to know what we are doing. Three-year-old figures aren’t good enough."

Commissioner Tom Lowe agreed.

"Egg will be on our faces if they come back here in 24 months with a bunch of changed orders," Lowe told the paper.