The touring legend known as Neil Diamond hits the U.S. roadways July through October. Playing mostly arenas, with the exception of a two-night stand at the Hollywood Bowl, dates include July 19 (St. Paul, MN), July 24 (Omaha, NE), August 3 (Cleveland, OH), August 12 & 14 (New York, NY), August 29 (St. Louis, MO), September 14 (Winnipeg), September 20 (Vancouver), October 1 & 2 (Los Angeles), October 21 (Tulsa, OK) and October 28 (Orlando, FL).

The Black Crowes take flight this summer, playing clubs, theatres and amphitheatres. Stops include July 1 – 3 in Philadelphia, July 12 in Toronto, July 29 & 30 in Cleveland, August 8 in Columbus (Ohio), September 13 in Las Vegas and September 17 in Los Angeles.

Jimmie’s Chicken Shack adds dates for May, June, July and August. New listings include May 17 (Miami, FL), June 27 (Frederick, MD), July 25 (Fayetteville, NC), August 7 (Hartford, CT) and August 22 (New York, NY).

And Eve 6 updates this morning with a Milwaukee gig on August 15 and Vegas on September 13.

During the first 90 minutes of biz we also updated the schedules for Blind Melon, Fastball, Eagles, Girlfriend in a Coma, Dear and the Headlights, Johnny Winter, VAST, Webb Wilder, Rory Block, Red Elvises, Nicole Atkins and Damn Right!.

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