First up is The Metal Masters Tour, featuring hard-rock heavyweights Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell, Motorhead and Testament. Cities in their sights include Camden, N.J. (August 6); Toronto (August 13); Pittsburgh (August 16); Chicago (August 19); Houston (August 23) and ten other lucky burghs.

New destinations on iconic singer/songwriter Elvis Costello‘s tour itinerary include Memphis, Tenn. (April 22); Nashville (April 23); Atlanta (April 28); Knoxville, Tenn. (May 6); and Louisville, K.Y. (May 7).

Great news! There’s no need to fight that feeling anymore. REO Speedwagon‘s datebook is filling up nicely through the fall. Recently added stops include Kansas City, Mo. (May 9); Oklahoma City (May 11); Appleton, Wis. (May 23); Dublin, Ireland (June 8); Pratteln, Germany (May 12); and a whole slew of others.

Webster’s defines a wombat as any of several stocky burrowing Australian marsupials resembling small bears. Whatevs. The Wombats we know are a happenin’ indie-rock trio from Liverpool, England, and they’re going to be popping up all over Europe this summer in places including Sheessel, Germany (June 21); Borlange, Sweden (June 26); Pilton, U.K. (June 28); Belfort, France (July 5); Trencin, Slovakia (July 18); and tons of other spots.

We know, we know. That’s all the excitement you can stand for now, so we’ll give you a break until around 5pm (PTD). But you’re really in for it when we ring The Closing Bell!