Sony BMG is the second label in Nokia’s master plan to dominate the music via mobile phones. Universal Music Group joined Nokia in December with the announcement of the “Comes With Music” service and up until now was the only major label involved.

“When you give consumers the key to the candy store without any limitations, there’s a lot more opportunity for discovering music that you might not have found before,” said Sony BMG’s president of global digital business and U.S. Sales, Thomas Hesse. “We think this will energize the discovery of music.”

Purchasers of “Comes With Music” enabled Nokia devices can download as many songs as they want for one full year. Although songs cannot be burned onto CDs, the songs will play after the one-year time period.

However, unlike subscriptions where the music ceases to play as soon as the subscription is canceled, “Comes With Music” customers will be able to play the tunes forever. That is, as along as they have a Nokia “Comes With Music” device.

“It’s not like some other subscription services where you lose everything,” said Tero Ojanpera, Nokia’s executive VP of entertainment and communities. “Here you can keep everything. This is like really getting access to a store where you can really now explore freely.”