News …

Britain’s cultural secretary wants Web sites to stop reselling tickets for country’s top sporting events, but stops short of government controls over all reselling – The Guardian U.K.

Does Madonna pack more cultural clout now than the Beatles did then? – The Times Online U.K.

Michigan’s inaugural Rothbury Festival aims for zero waste – The Detroit News

How many guitars does Keith Richards own? Too many, according to Keith – Herald Sun

Barbra Streisand pulls out of Israel’s 60th anniversary celebration – Associated Press

Linda McCartney’s life behind the camera – The Telegraph U.K.

Views …

Foo Fighters in Perth – “The show opened slowly, with one of the band’s trademark tension-building intros, which expanded like a balloon and burst with an explosion of noise.” – The Sunday Times / PerthNow

The Mars Volta in Chicago – “With a touring lineup to match their studio thunder, The Mars Volta unleashed an array of rhythmic and harmonic textures from a six-man backing band including keys, percussion, bass, guitars and various woodwinds, from flute to sax and clarinet.” – The Chicago Tribune

Paramore and Jimmy Eat World in Grand Rapids – ” … made the audience of 3,500 or so part of the show …” – The Grand Rapids Press

New York Dolls in Dallas – “Performing at the Granada Theater for several hundred vocal fans, the Dolls cranked out 90 minutes of candy-coated arsenic …” The Dallas Morning News

Rush in Orlando – “Most important, there was music that was complex, intense and still utterly grand.” – Orlando Sentinel

The Long Blondes in London – “This performance had nods to Blondie, Pet Shop Boys and Roxy Music, while singer Kate Jackson’s posing and strutting seemed to have been informed by Eighties pop videos.” – The Evening Standard

They Say It’s Their Birthday … (Or so says Associated Press)

Glen Campbell is 72

Cleve Francis is 63

Peter Frampton is 58

Paul Carrack is 57

Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise) is 42

Heath Wright (Ricochet) is 41

Kellie Coffey is 37

Shavo Odadjian (System Of A Down) is 34

Daniel Johns (Silverchair) is 29