Cagle Set For Trial

Chris Cagle is expected to stand trial in Tucson, Ariz., September 23rd on a misdemeanor assault charge.

Cagle was accused of striking Tucson resident Mark Barry last December at a benefit concert in the city. Barry’s wife grew angry when Cagle refused to sign an autograph after signing several others for her, according to a Tucson police spokesman.

A skirmish ensued and Cagle’s soundman, Kenneth Hoyt, broke his wrist in the incident. Barry has sued Hoyt in addition to Cagle. The performer’s attorney, Bradley Armstrong, cited self-defense and the defense of others during Cagle’s pretrial statement.

Cagle was originally cited and released. His one-day trial is scheduled to take place after his tour ends. The singer is supporting his new album, My Life’s Been A Country Song.