The singer’s right foot got caught and crushed by a hidden lift during show opener, “Live Those Songs Again.”

For Chesney, who played a complete set even though we was in pain, stopping the show wasn’t an option.

“I took one look at those fans and there was no way I wasn’t going on,” he said in a statement. “Sometimes the energy and the adrenaline pull you through.

“They had come to rock and there was no way I was sending them home with anything less than the best of what me and my guys came to do – put it all out there and give them back at least as good as they gave us. And honestly, through the pain, through all of it, Columbia, South Carolina totally got me through.”

When the show was finished, Chesney’s boot was cut off and a USC team doctor treated his foot to minimize short- and long-term damage.

The incident is not expected to affect any of the singer’s upcoming dates.