The club trek comes in support of her debut solo record, Transmiticate, released on her own label, SparksFly.The tour begins June 6 at Maxwell┬╣s in Hoboken, N.J., and is precipitated by two Southern California dates in late May. The first leg primarily focuses on the East Coast and Midwest, but a full West Coast tour is in the works for July.

Last year, Sparks hit the road for the first time as a solo artist, hooking up with The Donnas for a national tour. Then earlier this year, she and the Stellar Moments took a spin through Brazil. The last time she played in that country, L7 was on the bill with Nirvana.

On the business side, Sparks and prolific singer/songwriter Kristin Hersh recently launched CASH Music (Coalition of Artists and Stake Holders). CASH Music is aplatform for artists to create a sustainable livelihood and more interaction/exchange with their fans, who become stakeholders in the production of music. People are coming on board to remix songs online, support band tours and participate in the profitsof song licensing.