Vineland Site Sold

The Vineland Music Festival, already postponed to 2009, may not be resurrected as promoters C3 Presents and Festival Republic originally intended, if it is resurrected at all.

The owner of the 570-acre farm that was to be the festival site has reportedly agreed to sell the property to an unidentified local resident.

The land is owned by Elwyn New Jersey, a nonprofit social service agency, according to the Daily Journal of Vineland, N.J.

Vineland Mayor Perry Barse announced the sale at a press conference May 2nd at South Vineland Park. "It’s disappointing on a lot of levels," the Daily Journal quoted him saying.

The sale announcement was made just two weeks before Vineland’s mayoral election, which pits festival proponent and incumbent Barse against at least two viable candidates who have questioned whether the city should be hosting a three-day rock festival for some 50,000 fans a day, including on-site camping.

While local press all but declared the Vineland Music Festival dead, it is not clear if the obituaries should be written just yet. No one’s talking but the mayoral candidates – and even they aren’t making any definitive declarations about the future of the festival at the planned site or any other location in the region.

C3 Presents’ Charles Attal did not respond to Pollstar requests for comment at press time.