Working For The Weekend …

Last Monday we locked our weekend news crew in a room with a computer, some CDs, a couple hundred pounds of chocolate and about 30 cases of Red Bull, and they came up with the following items scheduled to post during the next 72 hours.

Saturday – Hops The Pond – Goth-godfathers The Cure have arrived in North America to kick off a tour to build buzz for their 13th studio disc.

SundayGo Swimming With – The post-punk quartet extends the tour in support of its upcoming release.

Monday Gives In To Evil Urges – The band gears up to take its spectacle of a live show across the country in support of a new album.

A Couple Of Former Know-It-Alls – Country duo Montgomery Gentry hits the road hard this summer in support of album number seven, Back When I Knew It All.

Link-O-Rama …

Day 1 of the R.Kelly trial – judge denies request for delay – Chicago Sun-Times (registration may be required)

Imagine … You’re a record company executive in 1996, and someone asks you about selling music downloads. What’s your reaction? – The Guardian U.K.

Bake the cake and light the candles! The MP3 player is 10-years-old – The Telegraph U.K.

Actors who record albums. Are they really serious about their music? – Los Angeles Times (registration may be required)

The times may change, but there’s always one thing that remains true: The music you bought when you were a teen was always great. The music your teenage kids buy always sucks – The Stanford Daily

New production of the Broadway musical The Who’s Tommy includes headphones for the audience – Broadway World

Dates, Dates & More Dates …

Born Ruffians head to Europe next month. New listings include stops in Paris (June 3), Brussels (June 4), Hamburg (June 5) and Munich (June 6).

Memphis May Fire has constructed a very extensive club tour for the last half of May and all of June. Show dates include May 31 in San Antonio, TX, at the Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar; June 4 in Pensacola, FL, at the Red Door; June 13 in Clinton, NJ, at Aquifer Muisc Venue; and June 27 in Albuquerque, NM, at The Ozone.

Modey Lemon updates this afternoon with new listings for New York, DC, Texas, Arizona, California and Oregon. Dates include June 6 (Rochester, NY), June 18 (Washington, DC), June 29 (El Paso, TX), June 30 (Phoenix, AZ), July 2 (Los Angeles, CA) and July 5 (Portland, OR).

And we close today with a few new ones for The Mad Caddies – San Luis Obispo, CA (June 13), West Hollywood, CA (June 14), San Francisco, CA (June 16), Portland, OR (June 17), Denver, CO (June 20), Colorado Springs, CO (June 21) and Tempe, AZ (June 23).

During the day we also updated the schedules for Coldplay, Celine Dion, Blue Scholars, The Matches, Dave Matthews Band, Yo Yo Ma, The Presidents Of The United States Of America, Galactic, The Black Keys, John McDermott, Daughtry, Barenaked Ladies, Harry Manx, Bernard Allison, Toadies, CAKE, Rik Emmett, Sue Foley, NOFX, Patti LaBelle, Misery Signals, Raul Malo, The Duhks, Trace Adkins, Julie Roberts, Kix, plus more artists and bands than you can count. Trust us. We have impeccable sources and they say you can’t count that high.

And that’s the story for another day in concert data. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to experience some live music. It’s why God gave you ears. G’night!