New listings for Stevie Wonder were waiting for us on our loading dock when we arrived this morning. New dates include July 1 in Denver, July 4 in Reno, July 5 in Mountain View, California, and July 12 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Alanis Morissette plays Europe in June and July. Recently posted dates include June 25 in Turin, Italy; July 2 in Vienna, Austria; July 7 in Munich, Germany; and July 8 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Blameshift goes clubbing in June and July. Stops include June 20 in Kennewick, Washington, at the Parkade; June 28 in Bakersfield, California, at Studio 99; July 4 in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Static House; and July 12 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at Clicks.

And Air Supply keeps on keepin’ on. New dates include October 3 in Jim Thorpe, PA; October 10 in Tacoma, WA; and November 1 in Torrance, CA.

During the last couple of hours we also updated the schedules for , Autovaughn, Across Five Aprils, Autovaughn, Gypsy Pistoleros, Kate Taylor, John Nemeth, Leo Kottke, Gary Pfaff, Plain Jane Automobile, Ratt, Rhino Bucket, Ted Nugent and White Leppard Crue.

And that’s what’s shakin’ as we crank up the mighty concert info machine for another week of fun and frolic in the mysterious land of concert data. Don’t miss you Midday Update, coming up around 12 noon (PDT), from!