AEG Consolidates Sponsorships

AEG has created a new division, AEG Global Partnerships, and announced several major promotions in the process.

Global Partnerships will focus solely on sponsorship and naming-rights sales for AEG properties and is on track for generating more than $250 million of gross sponsorship revenue for 2008, AEG said in a statement, adding that the number is expected to "quickly grow" in the coming years.

"Sponsorship and naming rights agreements are critical components of the overall revenue of our company," AEG President Tim Leiweke said. "Our continued and focused priority for these partnerships indicates the priority we place on sponsors, their satisfaction and happiness with AEG. The mark of a great company is one that is in the renewal business, not the sales business."

AEG senior VP Todd Goldstein will head up the operation and has been given the title of AEG Global Partnerships President. Shervin Mirhashemi has been promoted to COO of the division.

Meanwhile, AEG’s chief financial officer, Dan Beckerman, has been named COO of the company. General counsel Ted Fikre has been promoted to chief legal and development officer.